Building a New Home

Selecting the right builder is a most important decision. You will want a professional team with an excellent reputation who can be relied on to take your house plans and craft them into your beautiful new home. The Dettmann Homes team is known for their quality workmanship and delivering to the highest possible standards.

Dettmann Homes offers you a complete end-to-end service. Our well-established team of highly qualified and skilled trades professionals provide all the essential services (e.g. water, power, heating/cooling) and finishing (wall, floor, cabinetry, tiling etc.) to our exacting specifications and quality standards.

The Building Process
From project commencement through to completion, Dettmann Homes commit to open and frequent communication. Throughout construction, we will communicate the status of our work so you are informed at each stage of the build. We will explain key components of the job and you will always know what we are planning to do next.
We will work with you so that “the details” are given the strongest consideration and the solutions we develop deliver to your expectations and best reflect you and your lifestyle. You can be sure we are building the home you expect to be yours. Our success rests on your home being all about you!


Remodeling, Extending or Renovating Your Existing Home

When remodeling, adding to, or renovating your existing home we understand that you need a professional builder to work with you to deliver the exciting changes you have so often dreamt of. At Dettmann Homes we are committed to delivering exactly what you want through our superior client service protocols. A key aspect of our approach is that we have established processes designed to capture your exact requirements at all stages of the build.

Prior to quotation we will clarify building specifications to ensure the quotation is a true reflection of the home you want. During pre-construction and throughout the entire building project we will continue to consult with you in an honest and transparent manner to adapt and personalise your specific requirements as required.

We will meet with you to discuss your project as a critical first-step. You will have opportunity to fully explore and express what you are looking for. We will be listening closely to what you say so that the suggestions and professional advice we offer provides strong guidance and solutions that match your brief. We will present carefully considered options and direction when you are considering fittings, fixtures and other finishing items.

Once the all-important questions are answered and the finer details considered and agreed we will provide you with a competitive and accurate quotation to construct your re-modelled, renovated or extended home. We take this approach so you will receive a quotation to complete the work that is realistic, and a true and accurate reflection of your specifications.

We will keep you informed of all aspects of the building process. Further we will explain next steps so you will always know what will be happening on site. We fully appreciate your interest in the progress we are making towards the construction of your new home.